14: “Join the Nävis”

14: “Join the Nävis”
Eana Mokri - The LearnNa'vi Podcast

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This episode’s topics:
0:50 Avatar News: Tsu’tey’s Path issue #6 has been released; D23 Disney Avatar Expo; “Avatar: Pandora Rising” Mobile Game
15:09 Featured Member Spotlight: Alìm Tsamsiyu
30:52 Na’vi listening exercise: Txawey’s personal story “oeri txe’lan – hapxì amuve”
37:46 Discussion in Na’vi, today’s word of the cast: vur

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Get your copy of Tsu’tey’s Path here: https://www.darkhorse.com/Search/tsu%27tey%27s+path
Avatar: Pandora Rising – sign up for the newsletter here: https://avatarpandorarising.com
Txawey’s story “oeri txe’lan – hapxì amuve” (sweylu txo irvinan tengkrr po perlltxe): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1moKqMZW89K-oiv1KiTqf4AFtZHwoc5asTjwAhsHRTy0/edit

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Are you as excited about the new mobile game coming soon as we are? What are your hopes and thoughts?

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